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Using Technology in Teaching and Learning Geometry via Story Telling

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This paper is an outcome of a research done on a group of school students on the usage of technology to find solutions to geometric problems. A small group of 10 students of age group 14 – 16 are taken. The following story is told to them. They were given computers equipped with Geogebra Software.

A thief had lot of money and jewels and he deep burned them at a place. He gave some instructions to his son who is good in geometry. Another thief over heard the instructions and tried to get the treasure but he could not because he did not know geometry. The instructions of the thief are as follows.

Go to the huge park at the north end of the city where you find a triangular flowerbed ABC with AB = 50 meters. The treasure is buried at a point T, such that TB=TC.

How did the son get the treasure?

Palabras clave

Storytelling, Mathematics learning, technology